Holy Cross Hospital Haslemere

Holy Cross Hospital in Haslemere has a hydrotherapy pool that is ten years old.

P.P.E. has trained the facilities management team as well as the maintenance staff to the national pool plant operator level and have conducyed a number of pool safety audits for the hospital.

Six months ago the hospital employed PPE to undertake the service contract for the pool which consists of quarterly day visits by PPE in order to carry out routine inspection and maintenance in the pool plant room.


Routine inspection and maintenance were not carried out in accordance with industry guidance and much of the equipment had deteriorated and required replacement. It was determined that the original installer of the equipment and subsequent service engineers had not given the client good advice or service which lead to the poor state of the equipment and lack of servicing records.

The pool filters and pumps had deteriorated and what was installed was originally was not sufficiently reliable to provide the hospital with a suitable swimming pool system.

Chemical dosing equipment was unreliable which lead to the corrosion of the system parts.

Pumps were oversized and not energy efficient.

There were no backups in place. Only a single filter which meant that any maintenance would result in closing the facility to patients.

Operational procedures were not in place.


PPE inspected the internal parts of the system and found it to be deteriorated, this led to:

The installation of two new and efficient circulation pumps. One to run and the other as backup.

The single filter has been replaced with four new filters, which allow for maintenance during operation of the pool and no need for closure due to routine servicing.

New valves to replace the aged equipment.

Installation of a flow meter to monitor the new system.

New chemical dosing controller to ensure the safe chemical dosing of chlorine for disinfection of the pool.

New chemical dosing pumps installed to avoid corrosion to the equipment and reduce staff duties.

New written procedures to inform the staff and management of the operational systems.

Induction training provided to ensure that staff are aware of the operational procedures.

Full underwater survey of pool system to provide the management with a full report of the pool condition.



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