Training - Pool Plant Foundation

Pool Plant Foundation course PPE Ltd is a newly consolidated company within the swimming pool and spa training industry. We specialise in swimming pool engineering and industry training and ensure high levels of health and safety standards are met across the board. All our tutors and courses are assessed and accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).

The Most Up to Date Courses

With an extensive list of qualified instructors and over 30 years of training experience within the industry PPE Ltd ensure that the courses we provide are the latest and most up to date. We aim to meet your training needs in conjunction with the industry codes of practice, health and safety and insurance requirements.

Our range of courses include: a pool plant foundation certificate, pool/spa water testing, pool/spa water treatment, pool plant operator’s certificate among many others. These courses give you a complete insight into the pool maintenance industry and allow you to progress and learn at a pace which is suitable for yourself. One of the great assets of training with PPE Ltd is our ability to tailor our courses to your special training requirements. This offers you site specific pool plant operator training along with a nationally or internationally recognised pool plant operators’ qualification.

Learn at Your Pace With PPE

Some students enjoy taking intensive courses such as the Pool plant operator course, while others find it easier to learn over time and develop the knowledge as they see fit. This is perfect for those only starting out within their new roles. An example of one of our introductory courses is the Pool Plant foundation certificate.

The Pool Plant Foundation certificate provides the basics of water management and safety to protect the public. Upon completion, students will have the skills to test the water and understand what contributes to water quality. With this knowledge, you will be able to explain to others the importance of cleanliness, the use of chemicals and their effects on the overall quality of water.

This is an introductory course to Pool Plant Operations and Water Treatment. Successful students are encouraged to progress to further study leading to accreditation as a Pool Plant Operator. This is a far more in-depth multi-day training certificate which is important for anyone who wishes to progress within the industry. This course provides insights into other areas such as water circulation, pumps, filters and dosing control systems.

PPE Cover the Entire Spectrum

Pool Plant experts will teach you everything you need to know during your one-day or multi day course. We will train you in all the fundamental aspects which you will carry through to further training within the swimming pool industry.