Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pool Safety Measures

Swimming pool specific Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety training & information

With the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, there are a number of considerations that should be addressed by those with Health and Safety responsibility for the management of swimming pools.

As you are likely aware, there are specific challenges to keeping a swimming pool free from infection, even when there are no public outbreaks of disease. The situation now should be given specific attention when looking at the safety of people using your facility.

Areas that should be paid closer attention to are your procedures, staff competency and training standards, circulation and filtration systems, the reliability of your pool disinfection system, that routine maintenance is up to date and that the pool has risk assessments in place to address the hazard presented by the coronavirus.

Do you know if your pool meets the current standards set out in legislation and approved codes of practice? If not the pool may be a high-risk area for the spread of harmful diseases, such as the coronavirus.

PPE is offering a swimming pool specific Corona Virus (COVID -19) safety training and information seminar to equip site management teams of any public facility with the latest expert advice on how to combat the risks presented by the Corona Virus, to keep staff and users safe from the virus.

The training covers national standards as well as training for site-specific Health & Safety risk assessments and recommended control measures for COVID-19 to ensure your facilities (with or without a swimming pool) are not a risk to public safety.

We offer the following services:
  • Preventative services, deep cleaning, risk analysis and risk reduction
  • Seminar - Training on Coronavirus implications and the necessary preventative measures to be implemented on-site
  • Microbiological sampling and testing of water
  • Nationally accredited pool plant operator and water treatment training
  • Service and maintenance programmes
  • Site audits and Health and Safety reports
  • Conditional surveys and consultation

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