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Pool Plant Operators Level 3 (Jul 20) Price per person

PPE Offer Experience and Knowledge

Both of PPE’s tutors have been involved with producing the lead body course manuals for the training of pool plant operators. Both are also accredited tutors and assessors with the Institute of Swimming, the Swimming Teacher’s Association. PPE is fully authorised to deliver training endorsed by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).

PPE Ltd can facilitate all pool plant operator training needs. All of our training courses are accredited nationally and internationally. Our pool plant operator trainees will be added to the national register of swimming pool technical operators, held by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).

A pool plant operator qualification is a fantastic addition for anyone looking to gain a better knowledge and understanding of industry health and safety standards.

Pool plant operators have gone on to managerial and teaching positions with their broadened knowledge of the importance of well-maintained water facilities. This is ideal for those with a passion for the leisure and recreational industry and those who would like to further their career. PPE Ltd will set you on your correct chosen path.

What You Will Learn

Students undertaking the pool plant operator qualification will learn about the equipment used in water maintenance, from the circulation pumps to the filtration systems. Students will learn about the filters and dosing controller to ensure pH and disinfection levels are controlled. You will also learn the importance of heating and water circulation to the overall pool water treatment process.

All these processes are fundamental to ensure the health and safety of customers as errors may result in bacterial growth which has proven harmful as well as chemical burns or even drowning incidents.

With the in depth understanding of swimming pool and spa operations and maintenance provided by PPE Ltd, students will have earned the technical qualification for a career in the leisure industry, which can only lead to further progression. The knowledge gleaned includes areas such as pool technical design, pool plant operations and management, pool chemical dosing, and pool testing.

As a Pool plant operator, you will find yourself in the heart of an ever-growing industry. Both private and public swimming pools are constantly in demand of well-trained people in this area. Due to this, there is an ever-growing requirement for fully qualified pool plant operators and swimming pool technicians.

PPE is pleased to offer a range of compliance related courses which are essential to safely operating a swimming pool facility and are also required by UK law. These include:

  • The National Pool plant operator certificate
  • The pool plant operations award
  • The swimming pool technical operator’s certificate
  • The Onsite designated supervisor’s certificate
  • The small pool operator’s certificate
  • The pool plant foundation certificate
  • The pool water treatment award
  • The pool water testing award
  • The water testing workshop
  • The spa pool operator’s certificate
  • The hydrotherapy pool operator’s certificate
  • The hot tub attendant’s certificate
  • Water Feature Safety Awareness certificate
  • Information update seminars

All pool plant operators’ certification is accredited by a national body and is considered a professional qualification in the UK and abroad.

  • 09:00 - 16:00
  • Darwin Court Healthy Living Centre, 1 Crail Row, London SE17 1AD


John Blazeby
Co Director

Fee: £360.00 (incl VAT)

This is a package price for four people