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Installation of Air-source Heat pumps

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a system that transfers heat from outside to inside a building, or vice versa. Under the principles of vapour compression refrigeration, an ASHP uses a refrigerant system involving a compressor and a condenser to absorb heat at one place and release it at another. They can be used as a space heater or cooler, and are sometimes called "reverse-cycle air conditioners".

In domestic heating use, an ASHP absorbs heat from outside air and releases it inside the building, as hot air, hot water-filled radiators, underfloor heating and/or domestic hot water supply. The same system can often do the reverse in summer, cooling the inside of the house. When correctly specified, an ASHP can offer a full central heating solution and domestic hot water up to 80 °C

Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are a very effective and economical method of heating pool water. Providing your domestic boiler is sufficient, they utilise this heating system to transfer the heat from your central heating system to your pool water.
The heat exchanger has an outer shell that contains a multitude of small-bore tubes. The water from the house heating comes through pipes (primary circuit), which are connected to the heat exchanger and the pool water (secondary circuit) thermostat controls the swimming pool temperature.


Central Heating and combination boilers

Getting the right boiler for your home is important, whether you’re upgrading or having a boiler installed for the first time. Responsible for heating your radiators and water supply, the type of central heating boiler you choose will depend on your requirements and the size of your property.

Our range of central heating boilers includes a wide variety of types, sizes and options to suit any budget or home.

A combination boiler - or combi boiler - provides both central heating and hot water. They heat water from the mains as soon as a tap is turned on, so you can enjoy hot water on demand. Ideal for smaller properties thanks to their compact design. Installation normally takes between one and two days. Gas Safe® Certification will be provided upon commissioning with warranties for up to 14 years.

System boilers provide central heating but require a separate water cylinder for storing hot water. This allows for a constant supply to multiple taps and showers, making them a good choice for homes with more than one bathroom. Economical to run, but require more space. . Installation normally takes between three and four days. Gas Safe® Certification will be provided upon commissioning with warranties for up to 5 years.

Conventional or heat only boilers require a cold water tank and hot water cylinder. An ideal option where water pressure is low, regular boilers are ideal for larger homes that use a lot of hot water or already have a traditional central heating system. Gas Safe® Certification will be provided upon commissioning with warranties for up to 5 years.


Gas boiler servicing and Gas Safe Certification.

Carrying out an inspection on your boiler will help keep it running smoothly throughout the year. A HomeServe approved Gas safe® registered engineer will conduct a service on your boiler. They will also offer advice and tips on using your heating more efficiently.

Having your boiler serviced regularly may reduce the risk of a breakdown, and may also help to prolong the life of your boiler. Gas Safe® Certification will be provided upon completion of the service.

Gas Safety Record Certificate for Homeowner or Landlord

As a landlord letting a residential property, you have a legal duty to ensure it’s safe for your tenants. This means you’re required by law to get a Gas Safe® registered engineer to do an annual gas safety check on all gas appliances - and it’s the results of these checks that are recorded in your Landlord Gas Safety Record. You’ll receive a copy, and you’ll need to provide a record of this check to your tenants.

The gas pipework in your rented property must also be kept in a safe condition. Installation pipework is not covered by the annual gas safety check, but both we and the HSE recommend that when you request a safety check.

Fault finding and repair services

For any gas boiler, central heating, hot water, cold water or above ground drainage system emergency, our engineers will attend site to examine the issue and provide advice and/or repairs to rectify any fault found.

Unvented Hot Water System Installation

An unvented hot water system takes it’s cold water supply directly from the incoming water main. It is not gravity fed by a tank in the loft. They can be direct or indirect, and are most suitable for larger properties with multiple bathrooms.

Unvented Hot Water Servicing

If you use an unvented cylinder for hot water you should be aware that the cylinder installed in your property is a pressurised container and will require regular maintenance just like a gas boiler. An annual check is vital to ensure your safety and must be carried out by a qualified engineer.

Radiators, taps, towel rails, toilets, sinks, shower replacement and installation

Fixtures and fittings can be supplied and installed by experienced plumbers.

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