We are so pleased to have PPE working closely with us, they have proved yet again to be a fantastic contractor, I have worked with them at a number of different sites, I find their expert knowledge saved us money but more importantly has kept us safe.

  • I wouldn’t consider using another company
  • Also to have them at the end of a phone has been extremely helpful.
  • Highly competitive
  • Great value for money
  • This is the company you want to have working for you!
A private school in Surrey/Leatherhead

Darwin Court Healthy Living Centre

My introduction to this team was through a PPO training course which went on to become a strong working relationship assisting in my management of the swimming pool at Darwin Court. I have known Sean Brydges for a number of years and feel that both he and John will exemplify what this Leisure Industry needs i.e. good, clear education of the management teams to ensure the future benefit of both the pools and their swimmers. Their engineering expertise, alongside providing education at all levels is critical to the Leisure Industry and I foresee a great future for this Company.

John and Sean have tremendous experience in this field and their advice in regards to our pool plant room was extremely helpful to our operation. The Companies flexibility allows for support and emergency help; moreover during their visit to our plant room, they have trained two of my staff enabling complete competency of my plant operators.

I would certainly recommend PPE’s services to any of my colleagues for guidance and training in pool safety and plant room operation. The on-line booking will also enable easy training options for both the commercial and domestics alike. I look forward to seeing what this company can offer in the future

Zahed Abedipour