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Swimming Pool Audits

Swimming pools can be costly to run and pose a large health & safety risk if not managed according to Industry Standards and Health & Safety regulations. We can ensure that your pool is compliant, as well as give industry best practice advice and instructions for safe and efficient water treatment methods to avoid accidents, reduce risks, prolong the life of the pool facilities, increase bather comfort and the potential bathing capacity.

If you require an interim inspection or a complete audit of your pool, P.P.E. can facilitate this, providing you with recommendations based on lead body standards and statutory requirements.

Pool Plant Operator Training

At P.P.E we deliver pool plant operator training courses led by the most experienced Pool Plant tutors in the U.K. All Training courses are accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group and endorsed by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity. Once training has been completed, delegates are included in the national register of Swimming Pool Technical Operators.

Installations & Maintenance

If you are looking to upgrade any item of pool plant equipment, P.P.E will provide the most cost efficient proposal for you as our ultimate aim is to bring your swimming pool running costs down, ensuring that your pool plant room is eco-friendly, energy efficient, cheap to run, safe to use and compliant with regulations.

Aside from auditing, training and installation we deliver maintenance services which include routine inspections and servicing to ensure the safety and longevity of the pool. Swimming Pool Breakdowns can result in reputation damage and loss of income, therefore we like to guide our clients on exactly how to meet relevant H&S obligations and ensure that all pool plant equipment is running smoothly and safely.

P.P.E. offers different levels of service level agreements, ranging from monthly and quarterly inspections to servicing packages which include training, audits, risk assessing and write up of site procedures. We can offer work out of hours to help minimise disruption to your programme, helping to keep your pool open and your customers happy.

Whatever issues you may have with your swimming pool or if you want to seek some initial guidance and advice on the running of your pool, we are here to help at no obligation.

Are you getting the most out of your pool?

Swimming pools don’t have to be a costly liability to an organisation. We can help you turn your pool around, advice on how to generate income out of your swimming pool and turn it into a lucrative asset.

Our Approach

  1. We like to start our client relationship by carrying out an initial assessment of you swimming pool, ensuring that the pool is run according to national guidelines, highlighting any health &safety risks if such are present.
  2. Based on our findings we would recommend a course of remedial action if it’s required or provide advice on a more efficient use of swimming pool facilities and how your organisation can decrease maintenance costs and start generating income.
  3. Following on we would carry out all the work ourselves, whether it’s writing up procedures and producing risk assessment analysis or carrying out engineering works in the plant room.

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