Holy Cross Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool

Continued site management & system installation

PPE Ltd have been involved with the site management team at Holy Cross for a number of years, training the team on PWTAG accredited national pool plant operator certificate courses and providing pool safety audits at the request of the site manager.

Works carried out:


  • In July 2018 we have installed a new filtration system, where we helped the site achieve a more rapid turnover time, whilst reducing the filtration velocity at lower power consumption.
  • We also supplied and installed new automatic chemical dosing control for Calcium Hypochlorite and CO2, which suits the soft water in the site location.
  • We have reengineered the balance tank in conjunction with UK Diveworks who also installed new underwater lights.

Ongoing Service Plan

Currently PPE ltd conduct the ongoing service plan for Holy Cross, and are proud to say that the pool consistently has one of the highest quality pool water readings that we have come across (the TDS is less than 200 mg/l above source), which is a result of the highly advanced engineering of the plant systems, which make the pool plant operations user friendly combined with the careful management by the well trained and experienced site team.