Shere Swimming Pool

Restoration/Refurbishment Of Shere Swimming Pool

From the summer of 2019, Sean began the designs for the restoration/refurbishment of Shere swimming pool, which was originally constructed in 1875 on the Estate of Sir Arthur Russel.


The main focus of the project was to produce a pool plant system that not only met the Standards set out in BSEN15288, but also comfortably meets the criteria set out in the codes of practice set out by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group. The original construction of the pool was red brick with lime mortar and careful restoration work had to be made to ensure that the original structure was reinforced and preserved in order to protect it from corrosion, thermal expansion and contraction and the elements.

Project Details

Pool Plant Experts began started work on the project at the end of 2019, continuing to work through the lockdown and commissioned the pool for the 2020 summer season.

The pool plant system boasts two full duty circulation pumps with variable speed drive, six deep bed, medium rate filters, a UV system and a bespoke automatic chemical dosing control system.

Members of the Shere Swimming Pool Club management team were trained by Pool Plant Experts on the National Pool Plant Operator's Certificate course to give them the knowledge to operate the new systems, and the Club are being provided with ongoing technical support and a maintenance contract.