Swimming pool in South London

Saving our clients £1000's per day

This pool in South London has had many problems that we had been tasked to rectify in order to keep the pool safe and operational. The pool is large (450 tonnes) and has a large bather capacity so it was important to keep the pool running during the repairs as the pool can make up to £1,500 a day for hire (£150 per hour).


  • Filters leaking sand back into the swimming pool and blocked the pipework making the pool cloudy.
  • Pumps were faulty, only lasting six months (when they should last a minimum of five years) due to the incorrect sizing and positioning of the pumps.
  • UV system failed increasing the pollution levels in the pool.
  • Leaking valves led to the loss of 3.5 tonnes of water per day
  • Chemical dosing equipment was faulty and the pool had been overdosed with chlorine on a number of occasions
  • Damaged tiling in the pool

How we fixed the issues:

  • We inspected, drained, serviced the filters, refitted the internal pipework and replaced the old sand with recycled glass beads. We were able to do this without the pool closing and the pool lost none of its usual income.
  • We resized the pumps and have had no failure for two years. The pool is cleaner due to a faster circulation rate. We changed the pumps overnight so the pool lost no revenue.
  • We replaced the faulty equipment without the need for closure. The pool is exceptionally clear now with the lowest pollution levels in the area.
  • We replaced all the valves with the highest quality available. All valves were pressure tested and there are no leaks. This has led to thousands of pounds of savings per year.
  • Confined space works in the balance tank, replacing the pipework and conducting a balance tank inspection. The poor pipework was affecting the flow. The new pipework has increased the flow rate.
  • We replaced the Chemical dosing controller and all the chemical dosing equipment. The pool has never overdosed since our work has been completed.
  • Management audits were also carried out for the site, highlighting areas of concern. The manager was able to use the report to address and improve the operations within industry guidance parameters.
  • We used a dive team to carry out the repair works at night for a week. The pool remained open each day and there were no disruptions to pool usage. The management were pleased that they saved so much for the centre by having a dive team work overnight.

We have been looking after this particular site for two years and have a good relationship with the management. We will be looking after their servicing for the foreseeable future.