Pool Water Treatment

Pool water treatment is an essential component of any training undertaken by a person within the leisure and recreational industry. It is required to ensure individuals understand the basic elements of pool maintenance and develop a more thorough knowledge of the industry.

Training/Courses available:

PPE Ltd pool plant operators pride ourselves on providing the highest quality training to respective clients through a wide array of industry recognised courses. Each of the training programmes will have some components of swimming pool water treatment highlighting the importance of basic training in the industry.

PPE Ltd have over 50 years’ experience of specialist training within the industry. Our founders have been involved in the production of training manuals and our tutors and board members are all qualified to teach Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) recognised courses.

Some of our courses are multi-day such as those training for a certificate as a Swimming Pool Technical Operator and others are one day such as the Pool Plant Foundation course. All of these are designed to further your knowledge about pool maintenance and safety. Subjects covered in these courses are varied and may include; pool/spa water testing, pool/spa water treatment, dosing guidelines, pool chemicals, kiddy safe paddling pool treatment, pool chlorine levels, swimming pool chemicals list, etc.

Students have the option of choosing the type of course which is required by their employers or institutions or they may elect to become recognised within the industry and undertake a PWTAG recognised qualification for themselves. The benefits of which we will look at below.


Recognition by Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG):

The PWTAG is an organisation founded in 1984 and is the industry voice for training and educational courses in water treatment for public and private use. The organisation runs seminars, tests emerging trends and courses within the industry and holds members, pool managers and owners to a high standard ensuring only the best quality of training and knowledge is provided to its members.

As Pool Plant Experts tutors are authorised to teach courses by PWTAG, the training and quality of the content are of the highest standard. On completion of recognised qualifications, all candidates will be registered with PWTAG. This will act as a reference to an employer and is recognised both nationally and internationally.