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At Pool Plant Experts, the design process is led by one of our Managing Directors, Sean Brydges, who has decades of operational and project management experience with extensive knowledge of swimming pool regulations. 

We believe that the swimming pool plant design phase is one of the most important parts of the project, as this is when the vision is truly realised, so we take pride in understanding our client’s unique requirements, helping you to bring your ideas to life. 

At Pool Plant Experts, we put safety at the forefront of every pool design project, we offer the best cost-efficient engineering solutions ensuring customer satisfaction, whilst following the industry’s best practice.

Why choose industry experts?
  • We save costs by integrating efficiency into our pool plant designs thus saving our clients significant amounts on their water and electricity bills.  
  • Over the last 50 years, we have produced accredited teaching materials for the pool plant industry and have strong knowledge of health and safety regulations and industry standards. We truly are experts in our field.  
  • We use an innovative approach and set the bar high when it comes to quality and service. We can work with any pool design brief, from small and simple to exceptionally challenging that require bespoke engineering solutions to deliver the design intent, with outstanding results. 
  • Our specialist team are all accredited members of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers.

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