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Ongoing telephone technical support for our clients, enabling them to access expert advice whenever needed.

We can assist with all your domestic pool requirements. From build, consultation, servicing & remedial works.

Our engineers work to exacting industry standards, ensuring our work meets strict safety & design standards, offering you total peace of mind.

Maintenance and Servicing Case Study

West London School

Our client reported that their pool was experiencing poor filtration and circulation. Furthermore, chemical dosing was erratic as automatic dosing systems had failed.

Since attending site we have been able to rectify the issues they were experiencing.

By replacing their automatic dosing system, and through regular maintenance visits, we have been able to make the pool safe,  improve the flow rate with the aid of upgraded circulation pumps and improve circulation by 30%.

Pool Refurbishment Case Study


We were commissioned to refurbish a 1970s swimming pool that utilised oil-fired boilers and had a basic air handling system without any heat reclaim.

PPE installed an environmentally friendly plant room that runs efficiently to lower operating costs and ensure CO2 emissions are reduced.

Our plant room installation surpasses the standards set in BS EN15288 and is in line with PWTAG codes of practice for filtration, chemical treatment, and circulation.

Furthermore, the new plant room runs from the heat generated from the lakes and fields surrounding the hillside the pool is situated on.

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Pool Design Case Study


Our client had a crumbling pool and plant room structure; with the pool having been condemned and due for tear-down. In this condition, the pool offered unsafe bathing conditions and highly un-balanced pool chemistry.

PPE managed to preserve the original Victorian pool structure, and has refurbished the plant room, offering improved filtration capacity by upto 300%. Furthermore a UV treatment and a maximum flow rate of 18 cubic meters per hour has now been achieved.

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